Oil rig mud tank

Project summary.

Thermal Metal Spray restoration of an oil rig mud tank.


Viking Drilling






Petrochemical industry

A mud tank is a fundamental part of an oil rig responsible for storing the extremely corrosive, drilling fluid used during the drilling operation.

We have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to the anti-corrosive treatment of steel surfaces in chemical industry applications in highly corrosive environments. Our state-of-the-art metallisation equipment can provide anti-corrosive coatings that withstand the 4-600 Celsius operating temperature of the coated surfaces.

Closeup picture of an oil rig

Anti-corrosive treatment of the inner tank surfaces utilizing the Thermal Spray Aluminium metallisation process.

On request we can use high clarity zinc, aluminium, Inconel, Hastelloy steel and other special alloys in order to form corrosion protection coatings of steel surfaces for any chemical industry needs and requirements.

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