Wind turbine transport frame

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Thermal Spray metallisation of a wind turbine transport frame.








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Sea transport of wind turbines can be a difficult operation. During transport the steel structure experiences heavy corrosive stress because of the aggressive, chloric corrosive environment (C5-I and I-M corrosion category). The anti-corrosive treatment of the sensitive connecting surfaces of the transport frame could only be successfully achieved by our contribution and the application of the Thermal Metal Spray technology using aluminium or zink coating metals.

The Thermal Metal Spray metallisation process was a fitting contestant to the challenge however it demanded serious technical preparedness on our side. Luckily we have a broad range of references for various industrial applications.

The video above depicts the wind turbine transport frame between 1:17 and 1:39. The frame is heavily exposed to chloric sea water and water spray experiencing serious corrosive stress. In order to provide adequate anti-corrosive protection, we can provide the precisely prepared surface with at least 250 microns of 99,99% zinc or 99,5% aluminium coating isolating the steel substrate from the environment.

Thermal Metal Spray metallisation
Our colleague is conducting the metallisation of the Siemens wind turbine transport frame.
The 30 tons transport frame in use

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