Cantilever gates

Project summary.

Cantilever gates with hidden drive unit. Manufacturing, metallisation and paint coating.


Wuppermann Hungary Kft.


Gönyü, Kikötő





In this project our assignment concerned the manufacturing, Thermal Metal Spray metallisation and deployment of cantilever gates.

We are specialized in manufacturing special, custom designed cantilever gates. We produce the steel structures with unique and exceptionally high technical value in our area. All our gates go through the Thermal Metal Spray Aluminium metallisation process in order to grant them long anti-corrosive lifespan and high aesthetic characteristics. We produce extreme large span cantilever gates ranging between 26-36 meters opening width with the drive unit hidden in a cabinet if requested.

The first technological step is the removal of the contaminations and surface preparation. The contaminants can be greases, oils, oxides or in other words rust. The necessary surface cleanliness is achieved by the application of grit blasting during which we deliver high velocity abbrasives to the target surface. The other goal of grit blasting is to prepare the surface for the next technological step and produce the required surface roughness.

The cleaned surface is coated with Zn/Al 85/15 % alloy or clear aluminium.

We provide the metallised surface with additional layers of an industrial paint system. We use the epoxy based Temacoat primer from Tikkurila and an additional layer of Temacoat 50 polyurethane topcoat.

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