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Vintage car chassis restoration


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During the realization of this project we worked together with a vintage car restoration specialist on the restoration of a high value Ferrari Dino sports car that was brought to us in a weathered condition. We contributed with our Thermal Metal Spray metallisation process to the restoration of the chassis, the most critical part when it comes to corrosion.

During the first technological step all the residues and contaminations are removed from the surface of the chassis using grit blasting. Only after achieving maximum surface quality(Sa3) and roughness can the work continue with the application of a sufficient thickness of protective metal coating providing high quality, long lasting corrosion protection.

We deliver the aluminium or zinc metal coating to the surface using our state-of-the-art Arc Spray and Flamse Spray metallisation equipment.

Zinc, Aluminium and Zinc/Alu alloys are used on the previously cleaned surfaces in agreement with the needs and requirements of our client.

We treat the metallised surface with a two component industrial paint system extending the expected lifespan of the product. The final chassis protection coating is usually applied by the chassis specialist using standard automotive procedure.

We have treated Land-Rovers, Bentleys, UAZ vehicles, truck semi-trailers and military vehicles in our facilities up until now.

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