Oldtimer van

Project summary.

Anti-corrosive restoration of an oldtimer van.


Oldtimer restoration specialist







We have developed significant expertise in the area of anti-corrosive, automotive restoration with emphasis on oldtimer car chassis. In the current project we successfully carried out the anti-corrosive restoration works of an oldtimer van manufactured in the 50's.

With high value oldtimers, it comes without saying that the owners expect the best possible technical quality and state-of-the-art procedures during the chassis restoration process. This is the reason why our clients return to us and request Thermal Metal Spray metallisation.

Depending on the requirements and needs of our clients we use Zinc, Aluminium or their alloys to form metal coatings on oldtimer chassis after a thorough and competent, abbrasive surface cleaning. We prepare the surfaces by shot blasting and we utilize our Arc Spray and Flame Spray equipment for the metallisation process. We use the the most recent equipment avaliable.

Arc Spray equipment during the metallisation process. Metallisation of an oldtimer van chassis.

Interesting fact: We use the same type of equipment that was used to treat the landing strip of the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

Chassis in the paint booth.

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