Military chassis metallisation

Project summary.

Thermal Metal Spray metallisation of military vehicles, canon chassis following exceptionally high technical, anti-corrosive guidelines and requirements.


Military manufacturer






Military industry

Large scale, complicated structures produced following strict technical requirements, such as a military vehicle, often require specialized anti-corrosive solutions.

We provide custom, specialized anti-corrosive applications and metal coatings following our clients' requirements and needs. We undertake the delivery of different metal coatings on the surfaces of various steel structures that are highly exposed to exceptionally harsh corrosive stress. We utilize different metals and their alloys, namely, zinc, aluminium, Zn/Al 85/15% alloy, copper (Cu) and diverse steel alloys such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum-Manganese, Wolfram etc.

Military suppliers often require increased metal layer thickness of the coat during the metallisation process. We are able to build up 250-350 microns or higher metal coat thickness on the target surfaces without any technical complications.

The photo above shows the state of the target object before treatment.
And the final result. Canon chassis, grit blasted, metallised, and coated with a layer of primer and a final coat.

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